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for SEO and Site Submission Services

  1. Sawyer Web Works LLC forwards your listing into to several search engines. You understand that what the search engines do with your data is not in our control.
  2. By submitting your info, you agree not to hold Sawyer Web Works LLC liable or responsible for anything regarding the use of your submitted data, errors in your listings or the way your listing appears in those search engines.
  3. You agree that the site submission plan comes with no support or warranties.
  4. You understand that some of the search engines may reject your submission or may take several months to list you.
  5. You agree that your submitted data is being shared with some of the search engines and some of our partners.
  6. In return for using our site submission service, you agree that some of our partners may contact you offering their service via email or phone. However, Sawyer Web Works LLC will try it’s best to exclude any third parties that spam their users. You are encouraged to report to us any partners that misuse this privilege and send you too many emails.
  7. You agree that Sawyer Web Works LLC may contact you regarding our services using the contact info and email address you have provided.
  8. Sawyer Web Works LLC reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time. You are advised to view these terms and policies every time you make a submission.
  9. No refunds will be provided, if your order has been processed and site submission process has begun. There will be no partial or pro-rated refunds of early terminated services.
  10. You must read our Privacy Policy and agree to it.
  11. For any support or billing questions please contact us at our
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